The Future Is Fun

The Future Is Fun

The Future Is Fun

The Future Is Fun

"The Future is Fun": Embrace Excitement About Technology and Spark Conversations

"The Future is Fun" is not just a piece of art; it's a gateway to a world of excitement about technology, a conversation piece that ignites discussions, and an invitation to fly freely into the realms of imagination. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece encapsulates the essence of innovation and a playful outlook on the future.

Why You'll Love It:

  • 1 of 1 Original: "The Future is Fun" is an original work of art, standing alone in its uniqueness with no other like it in the world. It's a testament to the exclusivity of your collection.

  • Will Look Great in Any Room: This artwork seamlessly complements any room's aesthetics, with a vibrant pink hue that adds a pop of energy and excitement to your space.

  • The Only 3-Layer Version Painted on Canvas: Originally painted in 2017, this version of "The Future is Fun" is the only 3-layer rendition painted on canvas, making it truly exceptional.

  • A Unique Street Art Experience: "The Future is Fun" was painted on the city streets of NYC, Miami, London, and LA, but this is the only one painted on canvas, adding an authentic urban edge to your collection.


  • Spray Paint: Meg Zany's signature medium, spray paint, is expertly applied to create bold and dynamic visuals that define "The Future is Fun."

  • 48 x 72 inches of Gallery Canvas: This generously sized gallery canvas, measuring 48 by 72 inches, provides ample space for you to immerse yourself in the intricate details of this captivating masterpiece.

  • Custom Resin Frame: The artwork is elegantly framed in a custom resin frame, enhancing its overall presentation and making it ready to display with pride.

Embrace "The Future is Fun," a work of art that invites you to embrace excitement about technology, spark conversations, and fly freely into the world of the imagination. This is your opportunity to own a unique and captivating piece that captures the essence of innovation and a playful outlook on the future. Welcome an exclusive original by Meg Zany into your collection and let its vibrancy and urban edge add a touch of excitement to your space.